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911 for Software Project Rescues

Have an idea for an application but don't know where to start? Has your software project stalled? Need someone to spearhead a new OS X or iOS project?

DoodleBytes is here to help!

At DoodleBytes, we start new projects from scratch or rescue a project that has become mired in design and technical problems. In the process, we'll mentor less experienced developers on how to write good iOS and OS X applications.

DoodleBytes guides you through the full product life cycle (Soup to Nuts) from initial concept to final product deployment on the app store. We design apps that share data between iOS and Mac OS X versions, use high or low level api's while mentoring junior developers.

Need old school data structures and algorithms with low level memory management with extreme performance - no problem.

iOS Development Experience:

OS X Development Experience - Everything above, plus:

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