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About DoodleBytes

Our Mission

Create useful, easy to use, software for our favorite operating system, Mac OS X.

Why write software for just the Macintosh?

We have a passion for all things Mac! It's much more fun to write software for operating systems we like and we prefer to do fun stuff for a living.

Why reinvent the wheel (so to speak)?

The products we choose to make:

Our choice of what to make is driven by our belief that people should be able to buy quality software at an affordable price.

We also like to write software that we think we'll have fun using ourselves. Kind of like buying a power tool for your kids birthday so you can borrow it later.

Why such low prices when similar products are priced much higher?

The founder is a real tightwad Scotsman at heart - you can tell by the kilt. We set prices that even he won't mind paying.

Who We Are

DoodleBytes is a company that is dedicated to bringing great software to Mac users at a price anyone can afford.

The founder of DoodleBytes, Daniel Steward, started out developing 3D modeling software and other graphics utilities for Visible Productions, Inc. Moving ahead, Steward was hired as part of a team of developers building Weblogic Workshop for BEA Systems, Inc. In 2003 Steward co-founded a new company with his fishing buddy, Jan Beaver, called OutdoorSoft.

OutdoorSoft was dedicated to providing quality instructional materials for the outdoorsman. OutdoorSofts flagship product was The Essential Flytier™. The Essential Flytier was a unique multimedia flytying instructional CD-ROM. Unlike other flytying instructional materials, which were basically videos dumped onto CD or DVD, The Essential Flytier was a full-featured, cross-platform, java application built on sound instructional design principles.

The idea for DoodleCAD was inspired by the need to create scale drawing to build a backyard pond without spending $100 or more on software that didn't quite fit the need. Designed to be a simple to use, yet powerful, graphics application that could be used to do a variety of illustration, diagraming and CAD related jobs. A thousand hours of work later, DoodleCAD version 1.0 was introduced to the world and, in December 2004, DoodleBytes was born.

DoodleCAD Software