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TechnoTomato Backyard Gardening

Coming Soon! Besides developing software, we have a passion for backyard veggie gardens, aeroponics and hydroponics! We are combining our interests to create TechnoTomato!

We'll keep you posted on our progress!

La Pavoni steam nozel

DoodleCAD™ - Draw Like a Pro Today!

... and have fun doing it.

DoodleCAD v1.6.20 (released Jan. 1, 2020) for MAC is so simple to use that you can be drawing like a professional in minutes. You can create illustrations for web pages, or copy and paste into popular page layout programs and text editors! The current version includes bug fixes for a smoother experience with the newest Mac OS.

Professionals can benefit from DoodleCAD's drafting tools, ease of use and affordability when doing small CAD projects which include dimensions and angle requirements! Why pay hundreds of dollars for other applications for Mac when you can use DoodleCAD?

Minimum requirement: Mac OS 10.9. See sample projects available HERE! -->

iLog Student Driving™ for iPhone® 5 & iPhone 6!

Currently, iLog works only with older versions of the iOS. We are working on a new version to work with newer iPhones later this year. Watch for updates here!

While our teenagers were going through the driver's licensing process, we searched for an iPhone app to log student permit driving times. All fell short, missing key features that we thought were important: Sync logs between multiple iOS devices, easily add missed sessions, track multiple drivers, set default timer times, etc. Our response, we wrote our own iPhone application!

iLog Student Driving. At the press of a button, start, stop or pause the timer for the driving practice session, auto sync the information log between your iPhone and iPad (using the same iCloud account)! Add dates, times, notes... Edit info for one driver while timing another and more! When all the hours or practice driving has been completed, simply email or print the driver's permit log and submit it to your local DMV.

iLog Student Driving will:

Details will be available at soon!